Come Honor the PM360 ELITE 100!

Welcome to our third annual edition of the PM360 ELITE, in which you will meet some of the most influential, innovative, and just plain mind-blowing game changers in the entire healthcare industry. The PM360 ELITE 100 are those who give their talents and unique abilities—and give of themselves—to help transform the industry as it meets the numerous challenges ahead to improve healthcare for all.

More than 500 nominations from the bosses, clients, friends, and colleagues of those whose cumulative endeavors elevate them in their peer’s eyes were submitted. Choosing the winners was an enormous, and enlightening, task. The healthcare industry possesses formidable talent, and our winners are those who, having blazed their own trails, inspire others to take risks, to create, to innovate. We also added two new categories this year, Talent Acquisition Leaders and PR Gurus, to better represent all of our industry’s brilliance.

And that brilliance is ultimately personified by this year’s Uber ELITE winner, Dr. Nina Tandon, CEO and Co-founder of EpiBone, whose team is diligently working to bring medical devices to life by growing personalized bones using a person’s own stem cells! But there’s more to the story. See PM360’s exclusive interview to learn more about her cutting-edge, or as Dr. Tandon puts it, “cool” work.

Dr. Tandon will also be the Keynote Speaker for this year’s celebration at Manhattan’s plush 230 FIFTH on Tuesday, July 11, starting at 7 PM. Join us for the opportunity to rub elbows with Nina and all the rest our industry’s finest, even rarest, of talents. (Purchase tickets at

Also in this issue, Univision’s Dr. Carlos Gutierrez has something to say to pharma marketers: You are leaving money on the table. Check out Multicultural Marketing: Embrace the New Normal. U.S. demographics are dramatically changing—learn how you can meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of patients who now simply slip through the cracks due to lack of outreach.

Finally, in media partnership with Cannes Lions Health, PM360 presents: Learnings from Cannes Lions Health: Big Data’s Biggest Potential. Eye-popping, advanced technologies are poised to transform the industry once again. You’ll want to get out ahead on this!


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