Clothing 2.0: The Future is Here

Back to the Future Part II depicted a 2015 in which technology was incorporated into the clothing people wore, including everything from an auto-adjusting, auto-drying jacket to self-tying sneakers. While the actual 2015 is short on flying cars, the film’s predication about smart clothing is quickly becoming a reality. Not only are fitness and activity trackers being woven into workout gear, but 2016 will also bring clothes that help you find the optimal fit as well as the arrival of the film’s infamous sneakers.

Shirt: The Luxury Brand Wearable

techknow-1-RL-shirtForget Fitbits, Jawbones or any other wearable device, just put on the Ralph Lauren PoloTech Shirt ($295). Silver fibers are woven directly into the shirt’s fabric that can read heart rate, breathing depth and balance, calories burned, steps taken and activity level. The real-time biometric data is streamed to an iPhone app via a detachable, Bluetooth-enabled black box that connects to the shirt. And yes, the shirt is still machine washable—just remove the black box.

Shorts: Improving a Runner’s Formtechknow-3-shorts

Lumo Run ($149 for men’s shorts and $169 for women’s capris) includes a small, waterproof (and machine washable) sensor built into the lining of this running attire. But the sensor doesn’t measure the typical fitness and activity data—instead it measures how well you run. Lumo Run measures your cadence, bounce, ground contact time, breaking, pelvic rotation and stride length, and provides post-run insights on your running form. You can even get real-time auditory coaching tips through headphones so you can improve your form as you run. 

Sports Bra: Instant Cool

techknow-2-sports-braDuring MADE Fashion Week this past September, architectural fashion and sportswear designer Chromat debuted the Chromat Aeros Sports Bra. Powered by the Intel Curie Module, tiny hardware that provides designers the ability to add functions and capabilities to wearable products, this sports bra can respond to changes in perspiration, respiration and body temperature to open or close vents in order to cool (or warm) the wearer. However, the sports bra is not currently available for purchase as the Intel Curie stills seeks FCC approval. 

Pants: The Perfect Fit

techknow-4-pantsLikeAGlove promises it can help women find jeans that fit well…you get it. Just put on the smart leggings, press the button, stand still for five seconds, and the leggings will measure your shape and send the data to an app. The app will then match your exact measurements against thousands of jeans to compile a catalog of brands, models and sizes that would fit you best. Early birds can pre-order now for $49.99, but the leggings will be available in Q1 2016 for $99.

Sneakers: Fiction Become Reality


techknow-5-sneakersThirty years ago, Nike imagined the sneaker of 2015 for Back to the Future Part II. Now in 2015, Nike decided to make those sneakers a reality. The 2015 Nike Mag have the same power lacing technology seen in the film, but they also have a responsive system that senses the wearer’s motions to provide adaptive on-demand comfort and support. Unfortunately, these sneakers will only be available via a limited auction in 2016 with proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. However, Nike says these are only the first iteration, so expect sneakers with similar tech in the near future.


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