Celebrating 10 Years of Trailblazing!

On September 13th at Gotham Hall in NYC, we were thrilled to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Trailblazer Awards. We weren’t just thrilled because of what it means to PM360 to have seen these awards continue to grow over the past decade, but what your success in winning those awards has meant to the industry. Over the years we have awarded exceptional companies, marketers, and initiatives—consistently adding new categories to continue to put a spotlight on those pushing boundaries through innovative strategies and technology to ensure a better healthcare experience for patients, caregivers, providers, and everyone else involved in improving patient outcomes and quality of life.

But we also aim to do more than just recognize great achievement—we want to celebrate it. That’s why each year we also set out to deliver the industry’s party of the year. This year was no exception. Attendees enjoyed a fantastic night filled with plenty of cocktails, delicious food, wonderful door prizes, and a chance to dance until the clock struck midnight. We couldn’t have done it without our sponsors, including Health Monitor Network, Calcium, Snow Companies, MediSolutions, Concentric, Dudnyk, and EMCAY. You can get a taste of the celebration by clicking here, and you can also learn more about each of our winners here.

This issue is packed with exciting innovation beyond our Trailblazer winners. We specifically focus on new technologies and their impact on pharma throughout this issue. From “How to Integrate VR and AR into Marketing Campaigns” to “The Promise of Emerging Digital Rx Treatments” to the potential effect of DeepFakes. Not to mention experts provide their take on the biggest implications of VR, AR, AI, and other new technologies.

And, if as you are reading this issue, you think, “Well, I have a great innovative strategy.” Or, “We have a great new product that implements one of those technologies,” then, I’ll say this: I hope you submitted it for our upcoming Innovations Issue in December. And, if you haven’t, there is still time, but not much. Hurry to www.pm360online.com/innovations-issue-2018 and submit by Oct. 29. And come December, PM360 will once again deliver—this time a valuable guide of the industry’s latest innovations that will help you do your job better.


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