• High TAVR rates linked to fewer readmissions

    on June 23rd, 2017
    FROM JAMA CARDIOLOGY WASHINGTON (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – Hospitals with a higher volume of transcatheter aortic valve replacements (TAVRs) have significantly lower 30-day readmission rates, according to an observational study. In a study of 129 hospitals, those that performed more than 100 TAVR [...]
  • Surgeon volume affects mitral valve surgery outcomes

    on June 21st, 2017
    FROM THE AATS ANNUAL MEETING AND THE JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGY CHICAGO – A total annual surgeon volume of fewer than 25 operations was associated with increased 1-year mortality and reoperation rates, according to a study presented at the 2017 American Association for Thoracic [...]
  • How to prevent secondary posttraumatic knee osteoarthritis

    on June 21st, 2017
    EXPERT ANALYSIS FROM OARSI 2017 LAS VEGAS (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – A variety of evidence-based strategies are available for preventing posttraumatic knee osteoarthritis (KOA) in patients who have already sustained an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. And they’re generally ignored, accor[...]
  • Points/Counterpoints: Should surgeons operate on functional tricuspid regurgitation?

    on June 20th, 2017
    AT THE AATS MITRAL CONCLAVE 2017 Yes, functional TR is worth repairing (David H. Adams, MD) Functional tricuspid regurgitation is a common finding in patients undergoing degenerative mitral valve repair. Severe tricuspid regurgitation is unusual, and clearly there is little debate on the merits of c[...]
  • Massive blood transfusions increase risk with CRS/HIPEC

    on June 20th, 2017
    FROM THE JOURNAL OF GASTROINTESTINAL SURGERY Massive allogenic blood transfusion during cytoreductive surgery with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (CRS/HIPEC) increased the risk of major complications and reduced overall survival in a review of 936 cases at St. George Hospital near Sydney,[...]
  • Age, anticoagulation prime issues in choice of mechanical valves

    on June 19th, 2017
    EXPERT ANALYSIS FROM THE 2017 MITRAL VALVE CONCLAVE NEW YORK (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – While bioprosthetic valves have become the predominant choice for cardiothoracic surgeons performing heart valve replacement, situations exist in which a mechanical valve may be a better choice. Young and middl[...]
  • Shift to minimally invasive MV surgery picks up

    on June 19th, 2017
    AT THE AATS MITRAL CONCLAVE 2017 NEW YORK (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – An analysis of a Society of Thoracic Surgeons database has identified a significant increase in volumes for isolated mitral valve surgery and leaflet prolapse this decade, with a shift toward minimally invasive approaches, accord[...]
  • Urgent surgery said to deserve separate classification

    on June 18th, 2017
    FROM JAMA SURGERY Urgent surgery deserves a separate classification from elective surgery and emergency surgery for assessments of healthcare quality and performance, because the three types of surgery have distinct morbidity and mortality profiles, according to a report published in JAMA Surgery. C[...]
  • Sooner is better than later for acute UC surgery

    on June 18th, 2017
    AT ASCRS 2017 SEATTLE (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – Postponing surgery for acute ulcerative colitis more than a day increases postoperative complications, lengths of stay, and hospital costs, according to a review by Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, of almost 2,000 patients. It’s not uncommon t[...]
  • In 8 years, TMVR means more procedures

    on June 17th, 2017
    AT THE AATS MITRAL CONCLAVE 2017 NEW YORK (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – Since the commercialization of transcatheter mitral valve repair, the share of these procedures among all mitral operations has grown exponentially and has also contributed to an increase in the number of overall mitral procedure[...]
  • DESKTOP III: Secondary surgery for recurrent OC improves PFS, TFST

    on June 15th, 2017
    At THE 2017 ASCO ANNUAL MEETING CHICAGO (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – Secondary cytoreductive surgery resulted in a clinically meaningful increase in progression-free survival and time to first subsequent therapy in a phase III study of carefully selected women with ovarian cancer who experienced the[...]
  • Laparoscopic colectomy cost savings linked to surgeon experience

    on June 14th, 2017
    FROM THE ANNALS OF SURGERY Laparoscopic colectomy is less expensive than open colectomy only when it is performed by surgeons experienced with the laparoscopic approach, according to a study published in the Annals of Surgery. Many studies have demonstrated that compared with the open surgery, the l[...]
  • Rural patients less likely to have bariatric surgery

    on June 14th, 2017
    FROM SURGERY FOR OBESITY AND RELATED DISEASES Obese patients living in rural areas of West Virginia were substantially less likely than were their urban and suburban counterparts to have bariatric surgery, according to findings from a study comparing outcomes in two patient groups. This discrepancy [...]
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