• Liver disease likely to become increasing indication for bariatric surgery

    on March 28th, 2017
    AT DIGESTIVE DISEASES: NEW ADVANCES PHILADELPHIA (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – There is a long list of benefits from bariatric surgery in the morbidly obese, but prevention of end-stage liver disease and the need for a first or second liver transplant is likely to grow as an indication, according to [...]
  • Study supports NCCN recommendations on risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomy

    on March 28th, 2017
    AT THE ANNUAL MEETING ON WOMEN’S CANCER NATIONAL HARBOR, MD (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – A large hereditary cancer study supports National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidance to consider risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomy (RRSO) between ages 45 and 50 years for women with BRIP1, RAD51C, or RAD5[...]
  • Laparoscopic and abdominal hysterectomy yield equivalent survival

    on March 28th, 2017
    FROM JAMA Laparoscopic hysterectomy yields equivalent disease-free and overall survival at 4.5 years, compared with abdominal hysterectomy in stage I endometrial cancer, according to a report published online March 28 in JAMA. Several short-term advantages with the laparoscopic approach have been we[...]
  • Nonoperative management of pediatric appendicitis appears feasible

    on March 27th, 2017
    FROM JAMA PEDIATRICS Nonoperative management of uncomplicated acute appendicitis in the pediatric population appeared feasible and didn’t raise the risk of complications in the first metaanalysis to examine this approach, investigators reported March 27 in JAMA Pediatrics. Nonoperative management,[...]
  • Disease site determines QOL in recurrent rectal cancer

    on March 27th, 2017
    AT SSO 2017 SEATTLE (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS)– Disease anatomy is the main determinant of subsequent quality of life (QOL) in patients with locally recurrent rectal cancer at both base line and in the long term, according to findings presented at the annual Society of Surgical Oncology Cancer Sympo[...]
  • VIDEO: Looking at keloids from a different perspective

    on March 24th, 2017
    AT AAD 17 ORLANDO (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – It may be time to start considering new options for treating keloids, according to Amy McMichael, MD, professor of dermatology at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, N.C. At the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology, Dr. McMichael dis[...]
  • Preoperative opioid use linked to worse outcomes following abdominal surgery

    on March 24th, 2017
    FROM THE ANNALS OF SURGERY Surgeons need to do more to identify patients who are taking opioids preoperatively, because this is a population that appears to be at a higher risk of worse surgical outcomes, according to a large retrospective investigation. “Opioid users represent a potentially high-[...]
  • Gradual increase of nonoperative management of selected abdominal gunshot wounds

    on March 24th, 2017
    FROM THE JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SURGEONS Selective nonoperative management of abdominal gunshot wounds has progressed from heresy a few years ago to established practice now, at least at Level I and Level II trauma centers across New England, according to a report published online in the[...]
  • Study boosts surgical left atrial appendage occlusion

    on March 24th, 2017
    At ACC 17 WASHINGTON (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – Surgical left atrial appendage occlusion in older patients with atrial fibrillation already undergoing cardiac surgery was associated with a 38% reduction in thromboembolism and a 15% lower risk of all-cause mortality during the subsequent year in a [...]
  • Onstep hernia repair decreased postop pain during sexual activity

    on March 24th, 2017
    FROM SURGERY The Onstep technique for inguinal hernia repair is associated with a lower incidence of postoperative pain during sexual activity than the Lichtenstein surgical technique, according to a paper published online in Surgery. This study was a part of the Onli trial, the objective of which w[...]
  • Match Day: Surgery positions up, other specialties grew more

    on March 23rd, 2017
    Despite a record number of applicants and slots filled for first-year residents on the 2017 Match Day, growth in all surgery positions continued to be outpaced by growth in other specialties. “While it is encouraging to see that the number of categorical surgery positions offered has increased by [...]
  • Levosimendan does not improve 30-day mortality following cardiac surgery

    on March 21st, 2017
    FROM ESICM CONGRESS 2017 Adding a low dose of levosimendan to the standard care for patients on perioperative hemodynamic support does not improve outcomes to any significant extent, according to the findings of a new study presented at the annual congress of the European Society of Intensive Care M[...]
  • Intensive ventilation precedes lesser pulmonary complications

    on March 21st, 2017
    FROM ISICEM Addition of 10 cm H2O to positive end-expiratory volume (PEEP) during mechanical ventilation was followed by significantly lessened pulmonary complications in hospitalized patients who developed hypoxemia after cardiac surgery, participating in a single-center, randomized trial. This “[...]
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