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  • Transgender patients face mental health challenges

    on June 23rd, 2017
    What I thought would be a typical morning at the major county hospital – if that were ever possible on a psychiatric emergency unit (EU) – quickly turned atypical when I encountered a patient whom I will call Olivia. Olivia is a 51-year-old male-to-female transgender woman who has not yet underg[...]
  • If doctors recommend it, teens are more likely to get HPV vaccine

    on June 23rd, 2017
    FROM PAPILLOMAVIRUS RESEARCH Physician recommendation was the most common reason parents began human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination for their adolescents, Brandon Brown, PhD, at the University of California, Riverside, and his associates said. In a year-long survey of 200 parents’ reasons for ag[...]
  • Senate health care proposal already facing uphill battle

    on June 22nd, 2017
    Senate Republican leaders are facing pushback from almost every side on their Affordable Care Act repeal/replace proposal – so much so that the current plan is unlikely to gain enough support to pass. “For a variety of reasons, we are not ready to vote for this bill, but we are open to negotiati[...]
  • CMS proposes exempting more practices from MACRA

    on June 20th, 2017
    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services seeks to exempt more practices participating in Medicare’s Quality Payment Program, the value-based payment program created by Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA). Currently, physicians who receive $30,000 or less in Medicar[...]
  • GOP senators shutting out physician input on reform – ASCO CEO

    on June 20th, 2017
    AT NCCN POLICY SUMMIT WASHINGTON (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – Physician associations are having an easy time finding people on Capitol Hill willing to listen when it comes to health care reform, but it appears that the conversations are falling on deaf ears, according to Clifford Hudis, MD, CEO of t[...]
  • Survey: Most doctors would pick single payer over ACA, ACHA

    on June 19th, 2017
    AT THE PHYSICIANS LEGAL ISSUES CONFERENCE CHICAGO – If given the option, the majority of physicians would scrap both the Affordable Care Act and the proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA) and opt for a single payer health care system, according to a survey of 1,059 doctors by the Chicago Medical[...]
  • How patients want their biopsy results

    on June 19th, 2017
    I had just done an ED&C, scraping the friable tumor gently from her tissue paper–thin skin. “Yes,” I replied more loudly than our close proximity would warrant. “This is probably another basal cell carcinoma. When I get the pathology back, I’ll call you.” As my medical assistant was [...]
  • What’s driving the ‘failure’ of the ACA marketplaces?

    on June 17th, 2017
    Two reports from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services show declines in the number of consumers who are activating the health insurance purchased via an Affordable Care Act exchange, a development Trump administration officials say underlines the failure of the ACA. But researchers from t[...]
  • Average cost of policy up 105% since 2013

    on June 16th, 2017
    The average monthly premium for individuals purchasing a plan from increased by 105% from 2013 to 2017, according to the Department of Health & Human Services. In the 39 states that use, the average monthly exchange plan premium went from $232 in 2013 to $476 in 201[...]
  • Docs to Senate: Abandon your secret efforts on ACA repeal/replace

    on June 15th, 2017
    Six major organizations representing physicians have written to Senate leaders asking them to step back and take a different tack on health reform. Senators have been meeting behind closed doors to craft health reform legislation as an alternative to the House-passed American Health Care Act (AHCA).[...]
  • Vaccine delivery costs challenge physicians

    on June 15th, 2017
    FROM ACADEMIC PEDIATRICS Payments from all types of payers did not cover pediatric vaccine delivery costs, many survey respondents from private, single-specialty practices said in 2011, reported Mandy A. Allison, MD, of the University of Colorado at Denver, Aurora, and her associates. Using the Amer[...]
  • ABIM finds 69% concordance between MOC questions and common practice

    on June 15th, 2017
    FROM JAMA Nearly 7 of 10 questions asked on the American Board of Internal Medicine’s internal medicine maintenance of certification exam address conditions physicians commonly encounter when caring for their patients, according to new research conducted and funded by the board. “In this study c[...]
  • EHR Report: Don’t let the electronic health record do the driving

    on June 15th, 2017
    The secret to the care of the patient … is in caring for the patient. -Francis W. Peabody, MD 1 Last month I received a call from a man who was upset about the way he was treated in our office. He had presented with depression and felt insulted by one of our resident physicians […][...]
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