• Combo antifungal/corticosteroid creams contraindicated in children

    on May 22nd, 2017
    FROM THE JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS Don’t use combination antifungal/corticosteroid medications in children or for treating diaper dermatitis, warned Chikoti M. Wheat, MD, of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, and her associates. Lotrisone is a combination product with a high-potency topical corticos[...]
  • Strength plus aerobics equals fitness for obese older adults

    on May 17th, 2017
    FROM THE NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE Physical performance measures increased by 21% in obese older adults who followed a combination aerobic and resistance exercise routine for weight management, based on data form 141 participants. The findings were published May 17 in the New England Journal o[...]
  • Canagliflozin gets boxed warning for amputation

    on May 16th, 2017
    The Food and Drug Administration has added a boxed warning to the label of diabetes drug canagliflozin for the risk of lower limb amputation. The agency cited data from two clinical trials showing nearly double the risk of leg and foot amputations in patients treated with the canagliflozin, a sodium[...]
  • BMI z scores less accurate for teen obesity than new measure

    on May 15th, 2017
    FROM JAMA PEDIATRICS A different measurement tool than body mass index (BMI) z scores was more accurate in assessing adolescents’ body fat percentage than BMI z scores, a study found. More than twice as many adolescents aged 8-17 years were misclassified as overweight using BMI z scores than using[...]
  • Non-cow’s milk associated with lower childhood height

    on May 10th, 2017
    AT PAS 17 SAN FRANCISCO (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – Consumption of non-cow’s milk in early childhood is associated with decreased height, compared with consumption of cow’s milk by children in the same stage of life, a study has shown. The results call into question perceived health benefits of[...]
  • Endometrial cancer rates increased following WHI

    on May 9th, 2017
    AT ACOG 2017 SAN DIEGO (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – Endometrial cancer (EC) rates increased after 2002, coinciding with the release of results from the Women’s Health Initiative and including a 10% spike between 2006 and 2014, according to a large analysis of national data. “Be aware of an incre[...]
  • USPSTF: No thyroid cancer screening for asymptomatic adults

    on May 9th, 2017
    FROM JAMA The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends against screening asymptomatic adults for thyroid cancer, because the harms of such screening outweigh the benefits, according to a recommendation statement published May 9 in JAMA. The USPSTF makes recommendations about the effectiveness [...]
  • Roux-en-Y bests sleeve gastrectomy for weight loss

    on May 9th, 2017
    AT ENDO 2017 ORLANDO (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – Roux-en-Y gastric bypass resulted in greater weight loss than sleeve gastrectomy in a study that followed more than 700 patients, an effect that was sustained over time. However, surgical complications were more common than with sleeve gastrectomy, a[...]
  • Nomogram may direct diabetes patients to best operation

    on May 9th, 2017
    AT THE ASA ANNUAL MEETING PHILADELPHIA (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – A nomogram that assigns a disease severity score to individuals with type 2 diabetes may provide a tool that helps surgeons, endocrinologists, and primary care physicians determine which weight-loss surgical procedure would be most [...]
  • New evidence bisphosphonates may prevent OA

    on May 8th, 2017
    AT OARSI 2017 LAS VEGAS (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – Bisphosphonates may slow the onset and progression of osteoarthritis (OA), according to data from the National Institutes of Health–sponsored Osteoarthritis Initiative. “Bisphosphonates warrant further study as potential disease-modifying agen[...]
  • How bariatric surgery improves knee osteoarthritis

    on May 8th, 2017
    AT OARSI 2017 LAS VEGAS (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – Most of the improvement in knee pain that occurs following bariatric surgery in obese patients with knee osteoarthritis happens in the first month after surgery, well before the bulk of the weight loss takes place, Jonathan Samuels, MD, reported a[...]
  • Cushing’s appears to begin its cardiovascular effects during childhood

    on May 5th, 2017
    AT ENDO 2017 ORLANDO (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – Cushing’s disease may begin to exert its harmful cardiovascular effects quite early, a small pediatric study has found. Children as young as 6 years old with the disorder already may show signs of cardiovascular remodeling, with stiffer aortas and [...]
  • No increase in hand osteoarthritis seen in Sjögren’s syndrome

    on May 3rd, 2017
    AT OARSI 2017 LAS VEGAS (FRONTLINE MEDICAL NEWS) – Patients with Sjögren’s syndrome do not have an increased prevalence of hand osteoarthritis, but they are strongly predisposed to have a history of hypothyroidism, Jeremie Sellam, MD, reported at the World Congress on Osteoarthritis. Both of th[...]
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