Cancer Genetics, Inc. and Sayre Therapeutics Announce Distribution Agreement to Commercialize CGI’s Proprietary FDA-cleared Tissue of Origin (TOO®) Test Throughout India and South Asia

  • TOO® is the ONLY FDA-cleared test of its type, used to aid in identifying challenging tumors, including metastatic, poorly differentiated, and undifferentiated cancers
  • The partnership will leverage Sayre’s distribution and sales personnel that engages over 500 key opinion and healthcare business leaders vital in the Indian oncology landscape 

RUTHERFORD, N.J. and HYDERABAD, India, June 23, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cancer Genetics, Inc. (Nasdaq:CGIX); (“CGI” or “The Company”), a leader in enabling precision medicine for oncology through molecular markers and diagnostics, announces an exclusive distribution agreement that provides Sayre Therapeutics sales and marketing rights of Cancer Genetics’ Tissue of Origin® (TOO®) test in India and South Asia. TOO® data generated by the use of the test in India will contribute to the expansion of CGI’s knowledge base to further validate the clinical utility of the test on a global basis.

“We view this partnership with Sayre as an important milestone in making precision medicine increasingly available outside the US, especially in high-growth, high-demand markets like India,” said Panna Sharma, CEO and President of Cancer Genetics. “We plan to continue broadening the access to our unique, proprietary portfolio of genomic and biomarker driven tests, which help in the management of cancer care, and Sayre has demonstrated reach and influence in the oncology sector throughout India.”

According to Dr. Palanki Satya Dattatreya, Senior Consultant and Medical Oncologist at Omega Hospitals, in Hyderabad, India, “Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) is not an uncommon condition in India. CUP continues to be an enigma to the physicians and an aggressive disease with unfavorable prognosis to the patients. Generally, CUP patients are subjected to a battery of repeated tests and go through agonizing uncertainty about their disease condition. The Tissue Of Origin (TOO®) test, which is based on the principle of gene expression profiling, can be very useful in such cases. TOO® test with its high specificity and sensitivity takes away the element of ambiguity, and enables the patient to get a more specific guideline-based therapy which translates into potentially better survival rates.”

CGI’s TOO® is a microarray-based gene expression test that aids in identifying challenging tumors, including metastatic, poorly differentiated, and undifferentiated cancers. It is able to report the tissue of origin of 15 of the most common tumor types (thyroid, breast, non-small cell lung, pancreatic, gastric, colorectal, liver, bladder, kidney, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, melanoma, ovarian, sarcoma, testicular germ cell, and prostate tumors), representing 58 cancer morphologies and covering 90% of all solid tumors. TOO® leads to a change in treatment 65% of the time.

Sayre has begun active marketing efforts in major metro markets of India and South Asia and has held seminars and workshops with key opinion leaders and clinicians. “It is heartening to note that many physicians are very positive about the test and feel that this is the way forward in making guided decisions or modifications of the treatment plan of patients with Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP),” said Ravindranath Kunjithai, Head Medical and Regulatory Affairs at Sayre Therapeutics. 

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Cancer Genetics Inc. is a leader in enabling precision medicine in oncology from bench to bedside through the use of oncology biomarkers and molecular testing. CGI is developing a global footprint with locations in the US, India and China. We have established strong clinical research collaborations with major cancer centers such as Memorial Sloan Kettering, The Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Keck School of Medicine at USC and the National Cancer Institute.

The Company offers a comprehensive range of laboratory services that provide critical genomic and biomarker information. Its state-of-the-art reference labs are CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited in the US and have licensure from several states including New York State.

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Sayre Therapeutics Private Ltd. is South Asia’s only integrated platform for disease management backed by a unique distribution and commercialization model for novel and / or differentiated drugs, companion diagnostics, and drug-delivery devices in the super-specialty areas of Oncology and Immunology. Companies with novel Oncology and Immunology assets can work with us in South Asia, as we focus on alleviating life-threatening diseases with high unmet need.

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