Just over 50 years ago, Frank J. Corbett opened the doors of a Chicago-based healthcare advertising agency that later became the Corbett Accel Healthcare Group, and today is called CAHG. On Thursday, July 26, CAHG celebrated its 50th anniversary in style on Chicago’s Navy Pier Lakeview Terrace Rooftop, overlooking beautiful Lake Michigan. CAHG employees from both the New York and Chicago offices gathered, along with agency retirees, including past president and CEO Jack Fisher (one of the agency’s three CEOs in its entire history), representatives from TBWA„/WorldHealth, CAHG’s global network partners, and special members of the Corbett family: Beverly Linhart (Frank’s daughter), her children, as well as Kirsten Corbett (Frank’s granddaughter).

The Gold Coast All Stars entertained guests with their nine-piece band, playing music from every decade. “Celebrating 50 years ahead of the curve” is the theme of the year for CAHG, honoring the agency’s golden anniversary, which captures the essence of a half-century of successful brand-building expertise for healthcare clients across a broad range of therapeutic categories.

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