Break the Status Quo

As never before, pharma and pharma marketers are laser-focused on creating the best possible patient experience. Technology, over the past few years, revolutionized marketing to the benefit of patients and the industry. Through insights gained from data analysis, pharma is finding many of the holes in healthcare that patients fall through. The aim now is breaking down silos between various functions in-house, and collaborations with data analysts, regulatory, payers, PBMs, and stakeholders to provide the kind of patient experience that patients demand.

In our feature story, author Doug Noland of Astellas says that right now, “The truth is, in our industry, we have a tendency to often view patients through the lens of our own ‘silo.’” That creates a confusing situation for patients trying to navigate the healthcare system, and who have many socioeconomic and other issues that pharma is now becoming more aware of. Healthcare today, Noland says, must become a collaborative and holistic enterprise. In other words, the status quo has to go.

And it is slowly happening. (After all, it’s complicated.) Our article focused on ACOs and IDNs makes the same case. For marketers to succeed with these groups, our authors stress the need for “swifter integration across traditionally siloed channels.” And an increased focus on quality and coordination of care and cost concerns will lead to more centralized decision-making and greater levels of control—and more than a few hassles for marketers trying to reach physicians within these groups. To learn about successfully marketing to physicians in ACOs and IDNs, click here.

New startups and established companies are also challenging the status quo in the adherence arena. With $250 billion lost to pharma annually in the U.S. due to nonadherence, companies are looking for new ways to enable patients to stick with their medications, some targeting “high-risk” patients with low health literacy, impaired vision, and language barriers—and are coming up with solutions that help patients understand their illnesses, understand their medication, and the importance of adhering to their medication. You can read what companies are doing to help patients by clicking here.

Today, pharma is finding that new ideas and systems are breaking the mold, and hence, the status quo. The future of pharma will be more robust once marketers have totally embraced the many innovations that will transform and secure the industry.


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