Branding in the World of The 21st Century Human

My last post raised the 21st Century Human. Essentially, we’re different. Old and young. Millennial and Boomer. Not just from each other (that’s old news) but we’re different because we live in a new cultural code.

Want proof? 3 questions:

1. Would we have really cared, on mass, about Cecil (the lion) being killed by Walter Palmer, the now demonized dentist from Minnesota? We certainly wouldn’t have heard, but would we have cared as much?

2. Would we have really been on vacation if we didn’t post pictures for our “friends” to see? (The more current version of “if a tree falls in the woods…”)

3. Would teens be experimenting in sexual relationships as broadly as we’re seeing today?

Yes, we’ve changed. How to create Brands that have (monetary) value beyond their ingredient costs has changed too. What follows is our new model that I’ll dive into over the next several posts. Essentially a Brand now must answer the following:

1. Why: Purpose Built Brands

2. How: Brands with a Behavioral Model

3. What: ACTS that demonstrate Purpose

4. With: Dynamic Storytelling.

5. Who: YES, this is a 1. Where it all starts: Insight Inspired Definition of our Who. Exquisite Insights are the underpinning of all great branding.

What Branding in the 21st Century is NOT:

  • Media Strategy: Media is now king but did anyone notice that most media agencies don’t really understand brands, they don’t really understand humans. Sure, they know how humans behave in their media behavior, but they really don’t know why.
  • Tactics: Banish this word.
  • Content creation: Yes, content matters. But if that’s you or your agency’s answer to overpreforming the market, good luck.

More next time.

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  • Janet Winkler

    Janet Winkler is Group President of Publicis Healthcare Communications Group. Janet leads a team of inspired professionals who are motivated to drive growth for clients. More than ever that means disrupting the conventional and providing ideas and solutions that leverage technology, insights, data & analytics, and consulting services, and do so in an integrated way.