Blood-Pumping Summer Getaways: Adventure Travel

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and into the sunshine is a perfect way to spend summer
vacation for thrill seekers.

Summer vacations look different for many of us. Theme parks, resorts, wellness retreats, and lying on a beach all have their benefits. But rising quickly through the ranks of travel trends is adventure travel. Adventure travel encompasses a wide variety of activities, from scuba and surf to cultural immersion and wildlife viewing, but its tenets are consistent: get out of your comfort zone and explore!

Adventure travel is becoming popular, especially among millennials and Gen Z, with the adventure tourism industry expected to meet a projected market size of $1.3 trillion by 2027, according to the
Adventure Travel Trade Association. More and more, people have been using their cherished vacation days not just for working on their tans, but experiencing a new place, a new activity, or a new culture.

Biking through Yosemite

Adrenaline junkies have been the first to break ground in the world of adventure travel, from backpacking in foreign countries to scaling mountains and skydiving. Nature and its celebration have been the pillars of adventure travel, as many of these trends began and still occur in mountain ranges, reefs, national parks, and other incredible outdoor settings. But there has been growth in the adventure space for an interesting hybrid of outdoor, physical activities paired with pushing cultural and lifestyle boundaries as well. Travelers increasingly add immersion in a new place to their active itineraries, whether by staying with locals or visiting art or music hubs between exploration in the natural world. Some adventure travelers even turn their active vacations into heritage tours, as a way of marrying their interest in their family history with a way to explore the natural beauty of another

Vacationers who partake in adventure travel often come back feeling an improved physical and mental state, with a well of unique memories of experiences they wouldn’t have sought out on a more leisurely vacation. Some popular and growing destinations for adventure travel include:

Boating between the waterfalls in Brazil and Argentina
Biking in stunning Yosemite National Park
Sand surfing in the Sahara Desert
Glacier chasing in Greenland
Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef
Sea kayaking in Hawaii

Sand Surfing in the desert
Ice Cave Exploring

But, of course, you can find adventures in countless places around the world! It is always important to look into safety requirements for the activities and places you’ll be exploring, but so long as you check
in with guidelines, your body and its health, and your travel companions, making your summer into an adventure can be the trip of a lifetime!

Relaxation has often been the name of the game for summer vacation and still has its merits. But adventure travel and the new agencies cropping up to make adventures easier to coordinate offer a new way to enjoy time away from normal life—embracing the new, the exciting, the unknown, and coming back with stories to tell!


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