AXIM Biotechnologies, Inc. Increases CanChew Cannabidiol (CBD) Gum Donations By 200%, Beneficiaries Include U.S. Veterans and Legacy Customers

NEW YORK, July 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AXIM® Biotechnologies, Inc. (AXIM® Biotech), a world leader in hemp cannabinoid research and development, launched the Company’s community outreach and legacy customer reward program.  AXIM® Biotech selected Adopt-A-Soldier Platoon, Inc. as a charitable giving beneficiary that will distribute 3,600 units of award-winning CanChew® cannabidiol (CBD) controlled release chewing gum to U.S. Veterans.  AXIM® also expanded the Company’s appreciation program to include legacy customers.  In total, AXIM increased product donations by 200% year-over-year and is distributing all products in the month of July. 

The founders and managers of AXIM® Biotech are the inventors of CanChew® which is the world’s first patented controlled-release cannabinoid chewing gum containing 10 mg of CBD.  AXIM Biotech holds the exclusive rights to market and distribute CanChew® Gum globally.

“AXIM® selected July as our primary charitable giving month to celebrate freedom,” states George E. Anastassov, MD, DDS, MBA and Chief Executive Officer of AXIM® Biotech.  “We continue to honor Adopt-A-Soldier Platoon, Inc. as a beneficiary of award-winning CanChew® gum to support U.S. warfighters who valiantly protected the freedom of others around the world.  AXIM® also celebrates our legacy customers who exercise their freedom each day by choosing the cannabinoid CBD in CanChew® for their daily health and wellness regimens.”

“AXIM® has been a tremendous supporter of Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon and now Camp4Heroes,” said Alan Krutchkoff, president of AaSP and director on the Camp4Heroes Board.  “There is a movement in this country to get our wounded Vets away from pain killers and narcotics.  We’re appreciative of AXIM’s support.  Together, through Camp4Heroes, we hope to reduce the dependence on such medications, provide stress reduction and also some peace of mind.”

Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon, Inc. (AaSP) is focused on reducing the effects of post-traumatic stress (PTS) and traumatic brain injury (TBI), as part of its Operation Wounded Care.  Last year, it created an event known as Warfighters Independence Weekend to create a network of combat veterans to reduce the alarming suicide rate in the U.S.  It is also a major sponsor of Camp4Heroes, an all-volunteer retreat in Fairmont, NC, created in February 2016 to provide a sanctuary for veterans having a difficult time transitioning from a war environment to civilian life.  Also all-volunteer, AaSP uses 100% of donations to its Wounded Care program to help wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen have more independence and self-esteem.  More information can be found on the organization’s website.

CanChew® is a unique hemp chewing gum that is distinctly different than any other brands of gum on the market. Features listed on the CanChew® website include:

  • Non-habit forming
  • No prescription needed
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Great-tasting mint gum has no artificial sweeteners or preservatives
  • Non-GMO, gluten free, vegan and kosher

Featured in Healthy Living Magazine, CanChew® was also recognized by the HealthyLivinG Foundation and honored with its Triple Leaf Award.

Dr. Anastassov concludes, “At a time when the public is becoming more aware of cannabinoids including CBD, THC, and CBG, AXIM® is honored to donate a significant amount of our current retail product to those who value it.  Our commitment is to bring a constant stream of retail and pharmaceutical cannabinoid innovations to consumers at affordable prices, return cannabinoid-based medications to the global healthcare system, and to increase our global charitable giving year-over-year.”

AXIM® Biotech created a pharmaceutical breakthrough invention with the world’s first patented cannabinoid controlled-release CBD/THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) chewing gum: MedChew Rx™. In clinical trials for pain and spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis (MS), as featured by Reuters global news agency, MedChew Rx™ will change the way that medicine is delivered to patients worldwide.  Directly compared to a sublingually delivered cannabis-based product currently on the market for MS, the Reuters article conveys the potential for MedChew Rx™ at an estimated $4.8 billion USD. MedChew Rx™ is on track to be fully registered by the EMA and FDA by the end of 2017.

Another AXIM® Biotech patent-pending cannabis innovation in clinical trials is AX-1602.  The first of its kind, AX-1602 contains CBG (cannabigerol) and other cannabinoids as a treatment for psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

AXIM® Biotech’s core belief is responsibility for environmental stewardship combined with development of innovative products to address current conditions with no known effective treatment including: Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease/dementia, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), PTSD, autism, MS, spasticity, pain, RLS (restless leg syndrome), glaucoma, IBD, IBS and Crohn’s disease.

About AXIM®:
AXIM® Biotechnologies, Inc. (OTC:AXIM) is an innovative biotechnology Company focusing on research, development and production of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic products where we prioritize the well-being of our customers while embracing a solid fiscal strategy. For more information, visit the Company website at

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