Moriah Weissman

Dr. Moriah Weissman, who is a Certified Consultant Pharmacist (CCP) and a Guest Lecturer at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and for Comprehensive Continuing Education, LLC, serves as a Clinical Director with Tunstall AMAC working with life science companies to provide clinical insights for the development of patient, caregiver, and healthcare provider support and communication programs. In this role, Dr. Weissman oversees the clinical staff working at Tunstall AMAC and has been responsible for developing a Certificate of Excellence Program to provide on-going clinical development for all staff. Dr. Weissman is also founder and co-owner of a medication management company through which she volunteers in the New York and New Jersey areas providing medication education and helping patients manage their medication regimens.

Inside Patient Advocacy Programs

Advocacy and support programs for patients are among the most important aspects of the ...