Atopiclair, a nonsteroidal topical barrier cream, is more cost effective than regular emollients for mild to moderate pediatric atopic dermatitis, according to a cost-effectiveness study by Mark B.Y. Tang at the National Skin Centre in Singapore and his associates.

While Atopiclair performs slightly better than regular emollients for severe atopic dermatitis (AD), it was much more effective at treating mild and moderate AD, with 72% of patients clear of the disease, compared with only 22% of those using a regular emollient in an evaluation of published trials. Atopiclair also cost less in a study of 12 Asian countries, with high-income countries saving $786 per year, mid-income countries saving $500 per year, and low-income countries saving $289 per year.

“These results provide further insight into the use of [specialized nonsteroidal topical barrier-protection creams] in clinical practice and suggest that cost-effectiveness outcomes should be considered when evaluating treatment options for AD patients,” the investigators concluded.

Read the full article at the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (2015;14:169-75).