Aptevo Therapeutics Presents Detailed Overview of its Adaptir™ Protein Therapeutic Platform at the 13th Annual Pegs Summit

Key Advantages of the ADAPTIR Platform Showcased During the 
‘Bispecific Antibodies in Oncology’ Session

SEATTLE, May 05, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aptevo Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq:APVO), a biotechnology company focused on developing novel immuno-oncology and hematology therapeutics, announced today that it presented information on the Company’s ADAPTIR™ protein therapeutic platform at the 13th Annual Protein Engineering (PEGS Summit) in Boston, May 1-4, 2017.  Dr. Peter Pavlik, Principal Scientist at Aptevo, presented a detailed overview of the unique features of the ADAPTIR platform and portfolio of candidates differentiating Aptevo’s ADAPTIR technology from other bispecific approaches.

In a presentation entitled “From the Bench to the Clinic: Developing Next Generation ADAPTIR Molecules,” Dr. Pavlik presented an overview of current ADAPTIR clinical and preclinical development candidates and reviewed recent advancements in Aptevo’s ADAPTIR platform that distinguish ADAPTIR from other bispecific antibody approaches.

Key advantages of the ADAPTIR platform highlighted during the PEGS presentation, included:

  • Optimized stability of ADAPTIR molecules (with an emphasis on enhanced functional, conformational and colloidal properties)
  • Extended serum half-life of up to 12.5 days in rodents
  • Potent activity and affinity of ADAPTIR molecules (consistent with the desired mechanism of action)
  • Superior manufacturing attributes of ADAPTIR molecules compared to other bispecific formats (demonstrating a proven and reliable process development and manufacturing platform capable of rapidly transferring development candidates from the bench to the clinic)
  • Optimal antibody expression levels that meet clinical and commercial requirements (cell-culture titers greater than 2 g/L have been achieved)

Dr. Jane Gross, Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, remarked, “Our ADAPTIR technology is a novel, robust, and highly flexible platform with the capability of generating unique monospecific and bispecific therapeutic antibodies with distinct mechanisms of action.  Our platform enables tremendous versatility with the ability to engineer multiple different binding domains or ligands onto the ADAPTIR scaffold. Aptevo’s proprietary platform technology has allowed us to overcome many of the challenges facing other bispecific approaches and provides unique advantages, specifically the opportunity to design well-characterized molecules with more traditional antibody-like features that promote increased stability, potency, half-life, and excellent manufacturing characteristics.”      

Features of the ADAPTIR Technology Platform

  • Novel homodimer structure simplifies the production process and enables increased manufacturing yields compared to other bispecific approaches
    – Single gene; ease of CHO cell line production
    – Better yields and cost of goods compared to heterodimer formats
    – Predictable and superior manufacturability
  • Bivalent for both binding domains improves avidity, with potential to translate into improved potency
  • Modular and adaptable structure promotes highly versatile functionality
    – Adaptable for production of T-cell engagers, targeted cytokine delivery, targeted activation of immune cells, neutralization of soluble factors, receptor blockade, etc.
  • scFv binding domains optimized to enhance stability and manufacturability
    – Ability to achieve antibody-like melting temperatures, long-term stability
  • Immunoglobulin hinge-Fc extends half-life and simplifies manufacturing
    – Reproducible and robust manufacturing processes based on Fc capture

About Aptevo Therapeutics Inc.

Aptevo Therapeutics Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on novel oncology and hematology therapeutics to meaningfully improve patients’ lives. Our core technology is the ADAPTIR modular protein technology platform. Aptevo has four commercial products in the areas of hematology and infectious diseases, as well as various investigational stage product candidates in immuno-oncology.

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