Alleviating Concerns from COVID

These past few months under quarantine have not been easy—for anyone. Even though some states are starting to ease restrictions, this still isn’t over by a long shot. That is especially true for our industry, which is not only responsible for developing a vaccine and treatments for COVID-19, but also for continuing to provide treatments, aid, and solutions for all patients.

According to “COVID-19: Patient Insights,” a survey of 678 patients conducted by Snow Companies in April 2020, 55% of respondents experienced changes to their treatment routine due to the pandemic. Furthermore, 70% of patients expressed concern for their own health as well as the health of their loved ones, but they had other concerns as well. Just under half (46%) are worried about the impact on the economy, 44% fear it will impact their way of life, and 35% say they are dealing with the emotional impact of the pandemic.

The pharma industry can help to alleviate some of these concerns. In fact, the industry must help. Patients, after all, are supposed to be at the heart of everything this industry does—to truly embody that, it is imperative to step up. To help you do that, we asked six companies with vast experience working with patients to tell us what matters most to patients in the current environment. In our feature, these companies provide findings from both quantitative research as well as direct conversations with patients about what they most need now due to the pandemic, what types of services they most value from pharma at any time, and so much more.

However, patients aren’t the only ones dealing with stress. In our current age of anxiety, it is a safe bet most of your employees and colleagues could also use a little relief. So we asked executives how they are helping to alleviate the stress of their employees as they continue to work from home, and also how they are preparing to open their offices back up. See the best responses we got in our article.

Finally, PM360 is also offering a little stress relief for the entire industry—in the form of a virtual celebration for our ELITE 100 winners. This is not your standard virtual party, and while we can’t give everything away, you can expect plenty of laughs, prizes, and dancing. Register at and be there on July 15th at 7 PM.


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