All The Right Stuff: The 9th Annual Trailblazer Awards Gala

The evening of September 14th was a lovely, warm, and inviting night as PM360 once again rolled out the red carpet for the phenomenal industry award winners and celebrants of our 9th Annual Trailblazer Awards. This group of influential and innovative industry professionals, hailing from all areas of healthcare, outdid themselves on arrival, dressed in stunning finery befitting the prestigious celebration as they streamed into NYC’s sold-out Gotham Hall.

We, at PM360, were wowed by the group—who wouldn’t be! We wanted to make this Trailblazer event the best ever and succeeded beyond our wildest dreams, thanks to the extraordinary caliber of our celebrants who filled the grand hall with merriment and cheer. Not to mention, as the festivities ensued, the peals of laughter elicited by our emcee, Judy Gold, the Emmy-award winning actress, author, and comedian, who knows a thing or two about tickling a funny bone!

But it is our winners’ unrelenting desire to move the needle toward greatness in their endeavors that we gather to celebrate and laud. Their work is the lifeblood of the industry—and their accomplishments are utterly outstanding. The desire they possess to advance the industry is the stuff that sparks imagination, the stuff that ignites fresh thinking, the stuff that breaks molds, in other words, all the right stuff to push innovation and care far beyond what any could have imagined even a year ago!

This year’s Lifetime Achievement Winner, Margaret G. McGlynn, former President, Merck Vaccines; former CEO, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative; and currently Board Director at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Amicus Therapeutics, Orphan Technologies, and Air Products; and President, HCU Network America, epitomizes all the right stuff, having demonstrated throughout her career the kind of forward thinking, dogged determination, innovation, and impact that just one such industry powerhouse can make on healthcare—and how that can affect the lives of millions of people. (Read all about her incredible journey.)

You won’t want to stop there. this issue illuminates those who are the heart and soul of our industry, those who continually strive to reimagine healthcare for the betterment of patients the world over. Our industry is blessed to have such exceptional leaders among us—visionaries who foresee the way forward in these tumultuous times. And, for the fun of it, click here, to get a view of the night’s festivities—and a group of individuals who really know how to honor and celebrate their own.

We’d also like thank our generous sponsors and offer a special thanks to Finn Partners, who spread the word and helped make this night unforgettable. Join us again next year—we look forward to another memorable night!


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