Aim for the Heart

Ever heard of Tony the Tiger, the larger-than-life Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes icon that found its way into the homes and hearts of generations—largely through kids who loved the colorful, friendly mascot with the heart of…well, a tiger? Or how about Procter & Gamble’s Ivory soap—so pure (99.44/100%), it floats? More than half a century later, these ad campaigns still resonate—even though the campaigns have changed. Many still automatically reach for these brands at the store—without even thinking about it. When it comes to purchasing such brands, does anyone really “think” about it?

Barely anyone, it turns out. Maybe—no one. What is it that really connects and creates desire for your product? According to the British healthcare ad agency, Langland, (see Emotional Marketing) it’s a gut-level appeal and an instinctive, non-rational response that’s behind most purchases—no matter what the product. When it comes to marketing pharmaceuticals, as we all know, such appeals prove to be no easy task. In this issue, our authors from Langland and others offer their insights, advice and tips on how to aim for the heart in your marketing efforts—check it out.

PM360 adds new voices to our mix this month as two thought leaders join our Expert on Call columnists. Erik Dalton, Healthcasts, gives the latest news and advice on connecting with healthcare practitioners in HCP Engagement and Dr. Theodore F. Search, Skipta, addresses where digital is headed in Digital Directions. Look for these new authors throughout 2015.

Speaking of new, don’t forget to flip through the annual “Greatest Creators” special supplement accompanying this issue. The cover features the original artwork of Shingo Shimizu, a Senior Designer at Klick Health, and the winner of our annual—and one-of-a-kind—online competition. It’s only one of the industry firsts brought to you by PM360, the originators of the highly-anticipated Pharma Choice Awards—the only awards that give the entire industry the opportunity to vote on the winners—and December’s definitive and cutting-edge “Innovation Issue.”

Like our readers, we too aim for the heart. Stay tuned.


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