What are some of the great creative healthcare advertising concepts that have connected with people who actually design such campaigns?

PM360 asked our readers to name campaigns (other than their own) that are worthy of the entire industry’s admiration.

We received more suggestions than we could print—from old-school classics that would still hold up today to recent campaigns that people just couldn’t get out of their head.

After you browse our selection of the most admired ads, please continue on to our Greatest Creators Showcase (www.pm360online.com/f4_bio_pharma_admired_ads_classic_healthcare_creative) highlighting some ads that could be the future classics.

Client: Astellas Pharma US
Brand: Protopic
Agency: GSW Worldwide
Original Year Published: 2007

“As an Art Director I can truly appreciate the level of
detail and the unique methods the creative team used
to depict the older forms of treatment. Just by coining
the phrase ‘itchcraft’ makes this a classic, and then
pulling it through with a dramatic feel made this a one
of a kind. This campaign set the bar very high in the
world of dermatology.” – Scott Watson, EVP, Chief Creative
Officer at Ogilvy CommonHealth

Client: Pfizer
Brand: Feldene
Agency: Dorritie & Lyons (now LLNS)
Original Year Published: 1985

“Speaks for itself and spells for itself. Clear
demonstration of efficacy with clever copy.
Definitely a classic.” – Diane Ohye, EVP, Creative
Director at Sudler & Hennessey
(Note: Feldene ads were a popular choice. Their 1983
“sandpaper” ad was suggested by Jeff Pienkos VP, Group
Creative Director at CAHG who called it one of the first
truly interactive ads for its use of faux sandpaper.)

Client: Wockhardt LTD.
Brand: Sammy-400
Agency: Sorento Healthcare Communications
(Mumbai, India)
Original Year Published: 2010

“When an agency from India used American
metaphors to tell a quick, visually-driven tale of
what therapy to choose when your bones are at
odds, something clever happened. This is a prime
example of an idea that quickly speaks for itself
and needs very little explaining or translating. Oh,
and leaves you with a smile. That’s always nice.”
– Lou Massaia, SVP Creative Director, Art at The CementBloc

Client: Georgia Health Sciences
(formerly MCGHealth)
Agency: Glyph Interface
(formerly Craig Jackson & Partners)
Original Year Published: 2010

“Beautifully captures the fear, uncertainty and pain
of a person suffering a stroke; simple, elegant, and
engaging way to show that Georgia Health Sciences
completely understands.” – Jim Haupt, Ph.D., VP,
Creative Director at CAHG

Client: Abbott Laboratories
Brand: Hytrin
Agency: AbelsonTaylor
Original Year Published: 1993

“In the mid-90’s, this ad inspired me to work harder as a
rookie in this industry. Its signature approach of ‘problem/
solution’ distilled down to its most simplistic form has proven to be effective year after year. Although it was produced in 1993, one can argue this Hytrin ad is still one of the most talked about and mimicked campaigns ever produced for the pharmaceutical industry.” – Marvin Bowe, SVP, Executive Creative Director at The Navicor Group

Client: Roche Pharmaceuticals
Brand: Rocephin
Agency: Sudler & Hennessey
Original Year Published: 2004

“One of the first campaigns to use a distinctive and relevant branding icon remains a model for advertising creativity today. The Rocephin apple evolved many times over the years, appearing on the beach, in different seasons, envisioned with X-rays and built of different materials like steel and gold to meet different marketing goals—but the ‘core’ of the idea always remained true to its simplest form.” – Rob Kienle, VP, Director of Copy Strategy at AbelsonTaylor


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