Adjusting to a World Without Blockbusters

The era of the global pharmaceutical blockbuster is coming to an end. According to ZS research, the top pharma companies have more than $230 billion in worldwide revenues at risk from 2022 to 2030 with an estimated 69 blockbusters expected to lose patents during this time. That is why the industry must move into a new era of global marketing. One in which the heights of blockbuster success may not be possible, but companies can still thrive with more targeted launches around the world.

However, success in global markets today is still a difficult challenge. As Maria Whitman and Jennifer Curtis of ZS explain, between 2015 and 2020 novel product launches were just as likely to underperform as overperform. To ensure your brand is closer to the latter than the former, they share insights into the pricing and regulations changes happening in the European Union and China, tips on how to avoid crucial mistakes like the one made by bluebird bio in Europe during the launch of Zynteglio, and key stats that will help refine your approach to generate the most success.

While this shift in the global market is presenting new challenges, our July/August issue also helps you deal with a problem the industry is all too familiar with—getting patients to take and stay on their medications. Not only does Nareda Mills of Ashfield Engage explain how to make the most of the first 30 days to get adherence to stick, but our special Focus On Adherence/Compliance section presents many more insights and solutions. That includes 10 of the newest programs, strategies, and devices available to resolve the issues behind non-adherence that we may be familiar with as well as some lesser-known causes.

We always enjoy presenting our readers with the latest groundbreaking work that is advancing how our industry operates. Which is why we can’t wait for September 22nd when we will hold our annual Trailblazer Awards Gala to announce this year’s winners. As I am sure you know by now, this year that will include exciting new categories such as CEOs of the Year, Brand of the Year, and Most Innovative New Product, as well as all of the other categories you have come to love over the past 14 years. Come celebrate with us as the industry’s biggest bash is back in person at Gotham Hall in NYC. We look forward to partying with you.


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