ADDvise develops a new medtech product in cooperation with Innovation Skåne

ADDvise subsidiary IM-Medico has partnered with Innovation Skåne to
develop a new disposable product for the urology business. The
initiative for the product comes from an identified need in the
healthcare sector. The estimated sales amounts to about 2 million
products per year only in Sweden.


Innovation Skåne is a company wholly owned by Region Skåne, they make
use of and develop ideas that are emerging in the employees’ everyday
work in the region to increase the quality and efficiency in the

IM-Medico is a well-known player in the medical technology market and
they already have a broad customer base for products in this market
segment. The product will be complementary to the IM-Medicos already
existing product range of consumables.

-We look forward to this cooperation. The development of this product is
totally in line with the ADDvise Group’s stated strategy to expand the
share of proprietary products, says Rikard Akhtarzand, CEO of ADDvise

The product is new on the market and caters to a large number of
healthcare units mainly in Sweden but also with the right to be marketed
globally. In Sweden, the primary market is inpatient care, home care and
various types of nursing homes. The product is user-friendly and
generates synergy effects as it makes it easier for both patients and
healthcare professionals.

The potential market for this product is difficult to estimate as the
product caters to a variety of healthcare settings. Only in Sweden there
are approximately 1,000 healthcare centers with activities suited for
the product. The potential annual volume amounts to approximately 2
million products per year in Sweden. There is thus great potential for a
significant sales volume nationally but also internationally.

Development of the prototype is in the final phase and will soon be
tested in healthcare environment. The ambition is that the product will
be launched on the market during 2016.

-We are pleased that this innovative solution is interesting for an
actor like IM-Medico, which is already established in this product area.
The solution that emerged in Region Skåne based on a need, can thus
reach the market and be useful, says Jonas Gallon, Vice President
Innovation Skåne.


For further information, please contact:

Rikard Akhtarzand, CEO, +46 765-25 90 71




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