Accurate Health Care Announces Opening of Third Location in Deland

NEW SMYRNA, Fla, Feb. 28, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dr. Jake Stiteler, owner of Accurate Health Care, has announced the recent opening of a new clinic location in Deland, Fla., to better serve local residents in need of comprehensive chiropractic care. The newest location is at 650 West Plymouth Ave., and will feature the same individualized treatment that patients have come to expect at two existing locations in New Smyrna Beach and Palm Coast.

Dr. Stiteler and his team of professional associates are dedicated to pain management and holistic chiropractic care that does not rely on harsh medication or invasive techniques. The chiropractic physicians seek to partner with patients in an ongoing effort to promote lasting wellness. The professional team employs proven techniques that encourage the body to use its own resources for healing rather than resorting to temporary measures to address symptoms. Chiropractic adjustments alleviate the underlying cause of pain. Gentle spinal manipulation employed by Accurate Health Care physicians is a part of the personalized treatment plan for patients who suffer from chronic pain as well as victims of automobile accidents and sport injuries.

Because there is no single cause of back and neck pain, headaches and migraines, arm or leg numbness, or other symptoms of spinal malaise, there is no single treatment that is effective in all cases, according to Dr. Stiteler. During an initial consultation and examination, the clinicians and physicians may employ additional diagnostic techniques, such as X-ray, in an effort to determine the underlying problem. Dr. Stiteler notes that the primary goal is to ease the pain. While some patients might feel immediate relief, others will require follow-up visits or a continuing treatment regimen in order to achieve lasting well-being. 

The foundation of Accurate Health Care therapy is chiropractic manipulation, but Dr. Stiteler explains that individualized treatment might also include massage, physical therapy, exercise recommendations, diet and nutrition guidance and “lifestyle consultations.” He explains that chiropractic care is threefold. First, chiropractors seek to relieve pain. But, following that, chiropractic medicine moves to corrective care so that patients are full participants in the healing process. Finally, he notes, wellness care involves an ongoing commitment to healthy living, a collaborative plan for ongoing health and lasting well-being. The goal is always to allow patients to achieve a full range of motion and activity. 

Each of the three Accurate Health Care locations subscribes to the identical philosophy, notes the owner, who is the primary physician at the New Smyrna Beach location, 401 Canal Street. Holistic health care is increasingly important in a fast-paced world, he says. He attributes the growth of his patient base as the primary reason for opening additional locations. The second Clinic is at 140 Pinnacles Dr. in West Palm Coast. Dr. Stiteler’s professional associates include Dr. Ron Underhill and Dr. Kumpol Manasvigangkul. Call (386) 427-2722 for additional information.     

CONTACT: Accurate Health Care, (386) 427-2722