A Little Help for Staying Fit

The holiday season is upon us, which means you are about to be presented with lots and lots of delicious, irresistible food. From turkey and roasts to pies and cookies, this can be a difficult time to stay on your diet. Lucky for you, the marketplace is inundated with fitness devices to help keep you fit. This is just a taste of the latest, though some of these won’t hit the market until early 2018 (so just keep them in mind when it comes time to help keep your New Year’s resolutions).

Smartglasses: Info on Display

Everysight’s Raptor ($499 to $699) are AR smartglasses made for cycling, which can overlay key information in front of you without it being a distraction. Using patented Everysight BEAM projection technology, the glasses can show info such as speed, distance, cadence, heart rate, and even directions. The glasses also have a built-in camera for taking photos or videos, and a built-in speaker to play music. All of these functions can be controlled either via an integrated touchpad on the frames, voice commands, or a Bluetooth controller that connects to the bike.

Smartwatch: Play and Pay

The Garmin vívoactive 3 ($299) comes preloaded with more than 15 sports apps (including golf, cycling, yoga, paddle boarding, snowboarding, swimming, and more) and built-in GPS so it can track your activity with no phone connection required. You can also create and download customized workouts to your watch, and its Elevate wrist-based heart rate technology monitors key aspects of your fitness and stress, such as your VO2 max, fitness age, and heart rate variability. Additionally, Garmin Pay allows you to keep your wallet at home—simply pay for purchases via your watch.

Scale: Visual Motivation

Most scales simple measure your weight, but ShapeScale ($349) is not most scales. Instead, this takes a photorealistic 3D image of your body to provide a visual overview of your progress. Scanning takes less than a minute and can show 3D heat maps comparing two points of time to show where you are gaining and losing weight. And in addition to weight, it can also determine body measurements, localized lean mass, and localized fat mass.

Smart Bra: Stay Stress Free

The VITALI Smart Bra ($149) was inspired by the physical and mental benefits of yoga, but it aims to take it a step further by helping to make yoga practices everyday habits. VITALI monitors breathing, posture, and heart rate variability throughout exercise, work, or leisure. Then the bra’s “brain,” called the GEM, recognizes your pattern and gives real-time feedback at vital moments of stress and unbalance through gentle taps to remind you to do things such as improve your posture or take a deep breath.

Earbuds: Made for Running

Practically everyone likes to listen to music when they are working out, but not all headphones/earbuds are ideal for it. But Jaybird RUN ($180) are wireless earbuds designed and built by runners. The secure and comfort fit design keeps them in your ear, and the double hydrophobic nano coating protects them from any sweat or water damage. The earbuds last 12 hours on one charge and, in addition to playing music, they can also take calls.


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