Every New Year brings with it a fresh set of challenges, goals and, most importantly, opportunities. At PM360 we start the New Year by featuring the print and digital campaigns that you, our loyal readers, found to be the most imaginative, innovative and influential in 2012. That’s right, the results of the 2012 Pharma Choice Awards are in, and you certainly made sure your voices were heard—more than 5,000 votes were cast! While we honor three winners (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) in each of our 10 categories, we wanted to give a special distinction to the two campaigns that received the most overall votes out of the hundreds of print and digital campaigns on display online. That is why we are proud to grace our covers with the MedAccess team behind the “Liposuction Improved” HydraSolve professional campaign and the folks at Vogel Farina who were responsible for the My NET Manager patient app. These campaigns were the top vote-getters among all print and digital campaigns respectively. Kudos to them and congratulations to all of our talented winners!

Starting on page 20 you can see which ads, apps, videos, sales aids and websites impressed your colleagues the most, but as you are perusing through this selection of winners consider how you can use these campaigns to get your New Year started off on the right foot. After all, these are the creative campaigns that your peers deemed the best. Let them inspire you. Accept the challenge to create something even better. And maybe next year it will be one of your campaigns in this issue that a peer (or rival) looks at and says, “Damn, I wish I thought of that.” What can be a better New Year’s resolution than that?

And if you want to know what your peers think pharma should resolve to do in 2013, then be sure to check out our latest edition of Panorama with thoughts from around the industry on the biggest changes on the horizon, the hottest new trends sure to emerge and the factors that will shape the industry this year. For another hint of what’s ahead in 2013, on page 54 Mick Kolassa, our pricing and reimbursement expert, examines the trends that are most likely to unfold over the course of this year. In others words, I am urging you to look back at the greatness of the past as you set your sights on a successful New Year.

As for PM360, we plan to continue to provide you with keen insights, diverse viewpoints and timely solutions. We also want to be even more responsive to our readers’ needs in 2013. So if there are any issues or challenges that you want to know more about, we would love to hear from you. Happy New Year!

Anna Stashower


PM360 Magazine




In our December Innovations Section, we mistakenly referred to BrandPerx’s Scriptbags Program as a “Drug Gift Bag” on page 60. In fact, Scriptbags are an educational tool for patients that empower them with key product information and a convenient way to take materials regarding their health out of the physician’s office.

Scriptbags are of no monetary value to physicians and have no use to a physician outside his or her practice. The Scriptbags program is a point-of-care media platform that combines physician detailing and DTC marketing, allowing brands to connect with patients in their physician’s office. The program stimulates conversation between patient and physician about treatment options, while providing an eco-friendly, full color bag that allows patients to transport prescriptions, drug samples, co-pay cards, informational pamphlets and patient care instructions provided by their doctor. We apologize for the error and any misconception that we may have caused about this completely compliant product offering.


In our December Innovations Section the wrong logo was placed with Precision Health Media’s ConditionMatch service offering on page 62.

The correct logo can be seen below.



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