5 Changes to Social Media Marketing in 2018

2018 is an exciting year for social media marketing. With improved content transparency, diverse products, and emerging new platforms, marketers will have more resources and tools at their disposal to reach target audiences, share brand messages, and enhance the user’s experience.

1. Mobile Reigns Supreme

Don’t think mobile-first—think mobile-only. With about 80% of social media time now spent on mobile devices, it’s crucial for marketers to create a social media strategy that fits the right screen. Begin to think about how a mobile-only approach will impact the brand strategy, creative resources, and media budget—and ultimately reach the target audiences’ screens more effectively.

2. Augmented Reality Becomes a Reality

2018 may be the year AR finally takes center stage. We’ve seen many applications on social media platforms in past years, but with Apple’s release of ARKit in iOS 11 and its purchase of Shazam; Facebook’s launch of the Camera Effects AR platform; the introduction of AE effects for Messenger; and Snapchat’s release of the Lens Studio AR developer tool, it’s only a matter of time before AR content becomes mainstream in 2018. Marketers can leverage the latest AR technology and tools to keep their audiences entertained and engaged.

3. Brands Send Messages—with Love

We often think of social media as just the Big Four: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. But there’s more to the story. Messaging apps will continue to play a crucial role in 2018. With AI-backed chatbots and integrated customer service messaging tools, brands can provide users with something more meaningful than a self-serving sales pitch: A one-to-one customer care experience that feels authentic.

4. Keep Customers Close—and Influencers Closer

Influencers gain followers by connecting with audiences on a personal level and becoming a trusted source. This creates a unique opportunity for an influencer to act as a brand’s authentic, unofficial ambassador. Marketers can leverage influencer testimonials and recommendations to help shape prospective customers’ opinions of the brand, take the brand story to an aspirational level, and improve brand advocacy by exploring collaborative or campaign opportunities.

5. The 280-Character Attention Span

Twitter’s expansion to 280 characters is a pleasant change, especially for healthcare marketers. The increased character count provides more space for brand messages, legal language, safety information, multiple links, and additional references that the 140-character limit would have ruled out.

  • Qi Zhu

    Qi Zhu is the Social Media Supervisor at FCB Health. Her expertise in social media strategy and execution have helped pharma brands embrace and adapt to the ever-changing world of social media. Her category experience includes dermatology, rare disease, neurology, and urology.


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