3rd Content Marketing for Life Sciences Conference

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As engaging and establishing closer relationships with consumers, HCPs and other stakeholders becomes ever more important for pharma marketers, content marketing is becoming a key element in the marketer’s toolkit. But today’s content must not only connect with stakeholders, it also must be meaningful, timely and differentiated.

Strategies and processes for successful content marketing that builds brand loyalty and increases prescription rates was the central theme of ExL Pharma’s 3rd Content Marketing for Life Sciences Conference, the pharma industry’s only conference series dedicated solely to content marketing. Held December 4-5 at the Hyatt at the Bellevue in Philadelphia, the conference featured speakers from such industry giants as Daiichi Sankyo, Pfizer, Merck & Company, Covidien and Becton Dickinson.

Attendees were given the opportunity to hear case studies and learn about establishing and implementing a content marketing strategy within marketing departments and cross-functional teams. Discussions focused on navigating the regulatory aspects of content marketing, determining the type of content to be created, choosing successful distribution channels and guaranteeing an ROI to support company business goals.


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