2023 Pharma Choice Video Gold Winner Syneos Health Communications and Genentech

Syneos Health Communications and Genentech

Claiming New SPACES for People Living with Disabilities

SPACES was created for everyone with a disability by the spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) community from beginning to end—from message brainstorming, to writing, performing the song, and directing the video. Through the power of music, SPACES amplifies the voices of the SMA community and sparks dialogue about disability representation.

Syneos Health Communications Team Members:

Anna Khersonsky, Rare Disease Specialist
Arwen Evans, Creative Strategist
Edie Elkinson, Media Lead
Kerry O’Keefe, Influencer Engagement
Michael DeGrandpre, PR Professional
Sarah Kossek, Media Specialist
Jenny Gumbrecht, PR Professional
Alexa Butman, PR Professional
Danielle Choi, PR Professional
Michelle Trasatti, PR Professional
Rick Petrone, PR Professional
John Reid, Creative Director
Tim Djentchouraev, Creative Support
Paul Chew, Creative Support
Pasquale Chiefalo, Creative Support

Genentech Team Members:

Adam Pryor, Senior Manager, Corporate Relations


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