2023 Pharma Choice Unbranded Gold Winner Fishawack Health and Travere Therapeutics

Fishawack Health and Travere Therapeutics


People living with the rare kidney disease IgA nephropathy (IgAN) can often feel lost in searching for credible information, helpful tools, and support. NAVIgATEIgAN.com is packed with practical, easy-to-understand disease state information to help guide them towards a more empowered patient journey.

Fishawack Health Team Members:

Afshan Hussain, GM, Rare Disease
Jacqueline Smith, Senior Account Director
Adi Graff, Senior Account Executive
Dawn Hastings, Group Creative Director
Alex Cox, Associate Creative Director/Art
Jim Smith, Associate Creative Director/Art
Vickie Hurst, Creative Director/Copy
Joe Fago, Creative Director/Copy
Lauren Horwitz, Art Supervisor
Rebecca Wilson, Art Director
Sara Gutt, Group Copy Supervisor
Amy Oates, Sr. Copywriter
Hayley Poppell, Program Manager
Reina Horn, Project Manager
Jessica Lawson, Editor
John Kennard, VP, Scientific Director
Jason Clark, Scientific Director
Kristen Beaulieu, Senior Director, Brand Strategy
Gene Petersen, Senior Director, Engagement Strategy
Renee Elia, Senior Digital Producer
Jeremy Viner, Full Stack Developer
Jeremy Lane, Analytics Manager
Josh Byrum, Front End Developer

Travere Therapeutics Team Members:

Akil Hunte, Director, Patient Empowerment
Josh Seno, Senior Director, Market Insights & Forecasting
Lauren Lee, Director, Patient Advocacy


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