2023 Pharma Choice Professional Website Gold Winner Biolumina and Seagen Inc.

Biolumina and Seagen Inc.

See Breast. Think Brain.

Awareness among oncologists of the impact and prevention of brain metastases is one of the greatest unmet needs for patients with HER2+ metastatic breast cancer. This multichannel disease awareness campaign urges oncologists to consider brain metastases in their patients the moment a patient is diagnosed with HER2+ MBC. See the “See Breast. Think Brain.” campaign come to life through animation at the microsite: https://www.breastcancerandbrainmets.com.

Biolumina Team Members:

Account Service Leads: Jad Daccurso (EVP, Managing Partner), Christina Ceniza (SVP, Director of Client Services), Erica Seydoux (SVP, Group Account Supervisor), Liz Kirn (VP, Group Account Supervisor), Apolonia Cieslak (VP, Group Account Supervisor), Alissa Lindner (Account Supervisor), Rachel Balistreri (Account Supervisor)

Strategic Leads: Jason Geipel (SVP, Director of Strategy), Jihan Khan, PhD (VP, Strategy), Dani Williams (Senior Strategist)

Art Leads: Austin Wei (EVP, Group Creative Director), Sean Kinney (SVP, Creative Director), Devin Diglio (VP, Group Art Supervisor), Caitlin Reeves (Group Art Supervisor), Kristin Derby (Senior Art Director)

Copy Leads: Dorothy Chin (SVP, Group Creative Director), Lauren Anton (SVP, Creative Director), Haein Sung (VP, Group Copy Supervisor), Michael Micali (VP, Group Copy Supervisor), Alex Edmondson (Group Copy Supervisor), Russell Schindler (Senior Copywriter)

Editorial Leads: Jeff Stockton (VP, Associate Editorial Director), Amanda Koenig (Senior Editor)

Project Management Leads: Ara Weiner (SVP, Director of Project Management), Kelly Olson (Associate Director, Project Management), Helen Packard (Group Project Manager), Nicole Grossi (Project Manager)

CX/UX Lead(s): David Cherry (SVP, Director of Customer Experience), Tom Barnes (SVP, Director of Technology and User Experience), Matthew Fitzpatrick (VP, User Experience)

Medical Lead: Jocelyn Marshall, PhD (Group Medical Director)


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