2023 Pharma Choice Professional Print Campaign Silver Winner SCOUT Health and Jazz Pharmaceuticals

SCOUT Health and Jazz Pharmaceuticals

The Elephant in the Room

This imaginative campaign is a call to action for more HCPs to consider the sodium content in narcolepsy medications. Why—because people living with narcolepsy are at a 2x greater risk of cardiovascular disease. By choosing a lower-sodium option, HCPs can help treat narcolepsy symptoms and support cardiovascular health.

SCOUT Health Team Members:

Lauren Amodeo, SVP, Brand Strategy
Bennett Schaumburg, SVP, Management Supervisor
Rick Conrad, Chief Creative Officer
Sara Beachler, Group Creative Director
Julyna Moore, Associate Creative Director, Art
Mike Minnella, Associate Creative Director, Copy
John Meyer, Senior Art Director

Jazz Pharmaceuticals Team Members:

Jeff Janofsky, Executive Director, Sleep Marketing
Christina Trotter, Associate Director, Sleep Marketing
Caroline Wilhelm, Product Manager, Sleep Marketing


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