2023 Pharma Choice Consumer Website Silver Winner Snow Companies and Alnylam

Snow Companies and Alnylam

Amalia’s Story

Snow Companies and Alnylam worked with Patient Ambassador Amalia, an artist who lives with acute hepatic porphyria (AHP), to create a website that tells her Story. The website allows the audience to immerse themselves in the true patient voice, which is shared though Amalia’s own personal outlet of painting.

Snow Companies Team Members:

Des De Souza, Vice President, Global Client Services
Philip Storer, EVP
Jon Irvine, SVP Creative Director
Banks Shewey, Global Account Director
Robert Parsons, VP, Technology Director
Meridith Geiger, Digital Art Director
Mary Crosley, Director Creative Operations
Stephen Houseknecht, Senior Graphic Designer
Tara Giles, Studio Director
Timothy Krems, Senior Producer
Kathy Barry, EVP

Alnylam Team Members:

Amanda Kulka, Product Manager, U.S. Rare Patient Marketing


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