2021 Pharma Choice Unbranded Gold Winner Mind+Matter, an Ashfield Health Company and Amylyx

Mind+Matter, an Ashfield Health Company and Amylyx

Amylyx booth explores exciting new pathways and possibilities for people with ALS

The devastating impact of ALS is fundamentally driven by a complex pathophysiology within motor neurons and their environment. We brought the unmet need in ALS to life by interweaving the art of science with a poignant patient experience, masterfully executed in this interactive booth at AANEM 2021.

Mind+Matter Team Members:

Candice Viggiano, Senior Account Supervisor
Chrissy Carrico, Senior Account Supervisor
Alyson Pfeiffer, Senior Account Supervisor
Liz Hennigan, Senior Program Manager
Jillian Leece, Senior Project Manager
Emma Hart, Project Manager
Julianne Dunphy, PhD, Head of Medical Strategy
Melissa Liu, PharmD, Assistant Medical Director
Kristin Collins, Portfolio Strategist
Lauren Hillyard, Group Creative Director
Alex Thomson, Art Director
Emily Mulcahey, Senior Copywriter
Josh Vallee, Senior Editor
Karen Hennessey, Senior Production Manager
George Cassello, Senior Production Designer
Jennifer Magazzu, Studio Manager


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