2021 Pharma Choice Self-Promotion Gold Winner Calcium


Calcium Self-Promotion Campaign

Calcium’s long-running “Cowcium” campaign is bold, colorful, and highly engaging. It creates a consistently friendly brand voice and presence while also delivering relevant messaging around the agency’s core mission of “brand nourishment.” With the iconic Calcium cow (aka Nora Schmitt) as its visual centerpiece, the campaign has managed to stay lively and thought-provoking over a long period of time, which testifies to the strength and flexibility of the brand iconography as well as the power of the core “nourishment” idea.

Calcium Team Members:

Steven Michaelson, Founder & Chairman
Steve Hamburg, Managing Partner, Chief Strategy Officer
Mick Rogers, SVP, Creative Director, Art
Barbara Sweeney, SVP, Project Management & Production
Matt Bookbinder, VP, Associate Creative Director, Art
Cali Mangel, Engagement Supervisor
Mary Olson, Studio Manager


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