2021 Pharma Choice Sales Aid Silver Winner Biolumina and AstraZeneca

Biolumina and AstraZeneca

Precision Unparalleled Campaign

TAGRISSO’s precise targeting and unprecedented clinical profile make it the best therapy for EGFRm non-small cell lung cancer; the brand needed to highlight those attributes. The Precision Unparalleled campaign establishes TAGRISSO as the essential choice for anyone with an EGFR mutation, regardless of where they are in their journey.

Biolumina Team Members:

Danielle Cranwell, SVP, Managing Director
Kristan Reid, SVP, Director of Client Service
Kristin Haendler, SVP, Group Account Supervisor
Caroline Cleaver, VP, Group Account Supervisor
Chelsea Tholen, Group Account Supervisor
Ian Grabowich, Group Account Supervisor
Mikayla Goria, Senior Account Executive
Emily Rhodes, SVP, Strategy
Corrina Nodell, Group Strategist
Troy Clark, SVP, Creative Director
Kami Fuhrman, SVP, Associate Creative Director
Priyanka Guha, VP, Associate Creative Director
Roxanne Novo, Senior Art Director
David Elliott, VP, Creative Visual Director
Anne Brown, SVP, Creative Director
Stella Daily, SVP, Associate Creative Director
Chris Byrd, VP, Group Copy Supervisor
Allyn Engle, Copywriter
Mary Cool, Associate Editorial Director
Eddie Seo, Associate Director, Project Management
Alex Johnson, Group Project Manager
Jacqueline Gotthold, Associate Project Manager
Can Pham, SVP, Medical Director
Thomas Barnes, SVP, Director of Technology and User Experience
Matthew Fitzpatrick, VP, User Experience
John Janicki, Sr. UX Designer

AstraZeneca Team Members:

Tehsina Rahhal, Global Marketing Associate Director
Tetsuo Fujimoto, Global Marketing Director
Gabriel Sung, Global Marketing Director


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