2021 Pharma Choice Sales Aid Gold Winner Vpak Media, Unherd Creative, and SkinCure Oncology

Vpak Media, Unherd Creative, and SkinCure Oncology

SkinCure® Oncology Video-in-Print SmartBrochure™

SkinCure Oncology (SCO) offers patients a new, non-invasive, technology-based option to treat non-melanoma skin cancer as an alternative to invasive “Mohs Surgery.”

Unherd Creative developed the compelling messaging for print and video. A series of seven powerful videos were created—addressing each major brand challenge.

The Vpak SmartBrochure™ provides the ability to navigate videos and have context-specific content by simply flipping a page in the brochure. The SmartBrochure knows which page the user is viewing and displays the appropriate video automatically.

Vpak Media (SmartBrochure) Team Members:

Rob Likoff, Co-Founder and CEO
Richard Weber, Co-Founder and Chief Innovations Officer
Carole Weber, Chief Creative Officer

Unherd Creative (Creative) Team Members:

Sharon Ourach, Creative Director, Art
Sandi Bryant, Creative Director, Art
Kristie Walters, Creative Director, Copy
Brian Ourach, Art Director
Beata Browne, Graphic Designer

SkinCure Oncology Team Members:

Adam Lefton, Patient Education, Advocacy, and Brand Development

P3 Mediaworks Team Members:

Curtis Gilbert, Executive Producer

NPA Associates Team Members:

Neil Perry, Managing Partner/Creative Director


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