2021 Pharma Choice App Gold Winner MedTrix Healthcare and Allergan Medical Institute

MedTrix Healthcare and Allergan Medical Institute

AMI Facial Anatomy HoloLens App

Learning anatomy is experiential and cadaveric dissection is the ideal vehicle. Our goal was to replicate this experience digitally while retaining hands-on interaction, real tissue, and the three-dimensional approach. We utilized photogrammetry, scripted cadaveric dissection, 3D artistry, holographic experience design, and the HoloLens (1 and 2) to achieve our goal.

MedTrix Healthcare Team Members:

Kumar Badampudi, Vice President – Medical Affairs and Strategy
Shijin P, Vice President – Head of Operations
Suresh Waghmore, Creative Director
Prachi Sharma, Project Manager
Sheila Chandy, Vice President – Medical Strategy and Key Accounts
Prasanth K, Lead 3D Generalist
Prabheesh S, Senior Unity Developer
Sudhersan N, UX/ UI Lead
Rajesh Hariharan, Associate Medical Director
Aquib Zafar, 3D Artist
Divya Salian, 3D Artist
Rishabh Bhushan, Senior Unity Developer

Allergan Medical Institute Team Members:

Lisa Otis Associate, Vice President, Professional Education & Portfolio Programs Marketing
Cara Hanes, Director
Casey Burson, Account Supervisor
Norma Avitia, VP, Management Supervisor


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