2020 Pharma Choice Video Silver Winner Snow Companies and Pharming

Snow Companies and Pharming

Ruconest YouTube Channel

Pharming launched the Ruconest (C1 Esterase Inhibitor [Recombinant]) YouTube channel in order to host diverse video content, from hands-on guidance to FAQ-style content about HAE and Ruconest. An innovative twist on the channel is the patient-led “Fight the Swell!” podcast, which is hosted by real patients who talk to guests with relevant experience, such as other patients or specialist HCPs.

Snow Companies Team:

Melissa Schap, Associate Vice President, Client Services
Alison Bilbo, Account Director
Emily Kondrk, Account Manager
Amanda Lee, Account Manager
Patrick Keating, Senior Producer
Amelia Eanes, Senior Director Digital Strategy
Jonathan Irvine, VP Creative Director

Pharming Team:

Heather Greenspan, Vice President Marketing
Don Abramo, MBA, Sr. Director of Marketing
Caitlin Marsh, Associate Director Ruconest Marketing
Emily Phillips, Executive Director Reimbursement Strategy & Patient Access


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