2020 Pharma Choice Video Bronze Winner Meredith/The Foundry, Blue Chalk Media, and Amgen

Meredith/The Foundry, Blue Chalk Media, and Amgen

Big Little Joys: Brandy’s Story

Meet Brandy: a grandmother, special education teacher, and an ENBREL patient. Based on the insight that sometimes life’s biggest joys are often the little moments, we see how ENBREL has helped Brandy continue to live well with moderate to severe Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Meredith/The Foundry Team:

Sam Morgan, Senior Producer
Zach Goldberg, Producer

Blue Chalk Media Team:

Natalie Taylor, Director
Jamie Francis, DP
Mariko Fujinaka, Producer
Jessie Crowell, Producer
Sebastian Weinberg, Production Manager

Amgen Team:

Carrie De Smet, Marketing Manager
Wendy Lua, Director
John Kirkman, Executive Director


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