2020 Pharma Choice Philanthropic Gold Winner Biolumina and the United Nations COVID communications initiative

Biolumina and the United Nations COVID communications initiative

Don’t Be Blind to the Truth

At the onset of the pandemic, myths about the virus were creating false and harmful labels about groups of people. It was clear that an undercurrent of racial and ageist animus was taking hold. This campaign asks us to not be blind to the truth and to end discriminatory misperceptions.

Left to right, from top row to bottom row: Roxanne Novo, Yury Tulchinsky, Kyle Grazia, Dillon Schwartz, Eric Niederman, Corrina Nodell, Jocelyn Marshall, Austin Wei, and David Cherry.

Biolumina Team:

Austin Wei, SVP, Group Creative Director
David Cherry, SVP, Director of Customer Experience
Kyle Grazia, SVP, Group Creative Director
Yury Tulchinsky, VP, Experience Planner
Roxanne Novo, Art Director
Corrina Nodell, Senior Strategist
Jocelyn Marshall, Medical Director
Eric Niederman, Group Account Supervisor
Dillon Schwartz, Group Copy Supervisor


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