2020 Pharma Choice Multichannel Bronze Winner Propeller, DiD, and Novartis

Propeller, DiD, and Novartis

The Complete COSENTYX Approach (CCA), Becoming the Paradigm for Psoriatic Disease

The COSENTYX® HCP Professional Promotions Team leveraged enhanced data and precise engagement to scale the Complete COSENTYX Approach (CCA), becoming the paradigm for psoriatic disease. The brand used a hyper-targeted strategy optimized through multichannel execution to meet our customers at the right place and time, with the right message; elevating COSENTYX as the first-choice systemic therapy.PROPELLER Team:

Charlie Flax, Founder/President
Heather Hoy, Senior Director, Digital Strategy
Donna Wrotny Smith, Vice President, Creative Excellence
Denise Miller, Group Account Supervisor
Diana Snyder, Group Account Supervisor
Melanie Jacobs, Senior Manager, Strategy
Marcos Cosme, Senior Digital Producer

DiD Team:

Peter Kenney, Founding Partner
Elyse Cole, Chief Operations Officer
Natalie Cuttic, Senior Account Director
Zachery Torre, Creative Director
Michael Golub, MD, SVP, Medical and Scientific Director
Lindsay Dearing, Executive Program Director

Novartis Team:

Adam Lissa, Director of HCP Marketing, Dermatology
Shah Hussain, Associate Director, HCP Marketing, Dermatology
Mary Chen, Brand Manager, HCP Marketing, Dermatology


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