2020 Pharma Choice Consumer Website Gold Winner MRM and AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

MRM and AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

FARXIGA.com Consumer Website Transformation

With FARXIGA.com, we put patients first—allowing users to choose their own personalized journey, right from the start. Our goal was to encourage and empower patients with a site that felt less pharma and more educational. User-testing helped inform our clean, modern design and copy-light, scannable content.

From left to right: Carl Ceo, Julie Hebe, Josh Warner, Pamela L. Hall, Christine DeMaio, Lindsay Sullivan, Sean Riley, Victoria Arlia, Alisa Wiggins, Stephanie Kaminski, Allison Selwin, and Devin Pollina.

MRM Team:

Carl Ceo, SVP Executive Creative Director
Christine DeMaio, SVP Group Account Director
Lindsay Sullivan, Account Director
Sean Riley, Director of Project Management
Stephanie Kaminski, Project Manager
Allison Selwin, Associate Creative Director
Victoria Arlia, Associate Creative Director
Alisa Wiggins, Senior Copywriter
Devin Pollina, Designer

AstraZeneca Team:

Josh Warner, Marketing Manager, FARXIGA
Julie Hebe, Associate Director, FARXIGA
Pamela L. Hall, Market Delivery Manager, FARXIGA


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