2020 Pharma Choice Consumer Website Bronze Winner closerlook, inc., Xpediant Digital, and Novo Nordisk, Inc.

closerlook, inc., Xpediant Digital, and Novo Nordisk, Inc.

NovoCare® for Patient Affordability and Access Support

This robust site enables patients and HCPs to find and understand information about cost, coverage, and affordability. Dynamic content solutions present patients with relevant programs and services. Warmth and empathy shine through the photography and tone, and an intuitive interface creates an inviting, easy-to-use, credible tool.

closerlook Team:

Tim Ramey, Digital Design Director
David Chao, Production Designer
Zan Carroll, Copywriter
Nicole Ngo, Senior Art Director
Amy Schaefer, Account Director
Kevin Durnbaugh, Project Director
Allie Barach, Project Director
Amy Bordoni, VP, Executive Creative Director
Oksana Usenko, Associate QA Analyst
Kate Sobaleva, QA Analyst
Binish Khan, Associate Director, Interactive Tech
Carlee Schepeler, Proofreader/Editor

Xpediant Digital Team:

Federico Arriola, Senior AEM Architect
Venu Gujjeti, Senior AEM Developer/Architect
Luis Morales, Senior AEM Developer
Douglas Cifuentes, Senior AEM Developer
Manuel Samayoa, Senior AEM Developer
Anna Springer, Project Manager
Bala Rengaswamy, Project Manager
Eelco Swaak, Account Lead
Qusai Mahesri, Executive Sponsor

Novo Nordisk Team:

Katie Seelinger, Associate Director, NovoCare and Brand Support
Mark Perry, Senior Manager, Patient Access Support
Marianne Keller, Senior Manager, Patient Access Support


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