2020 Pharma Choice App Silver Winner Medtrix and Novartis

Medtrix and Novartis

Jakavi Augmented Reality Web App

The Jakavi augmented reality web app empowers patients to access drug information easily. Our vision was to motivate patients to gain deeper knowledge about their treatment and disease through innovative augmented reality, chatbot, voiceover function, and more. We tested our prototype with HCPs and PAG to ensure we met the need of patients.

Novartis Team:

Andrija Tomovic, Business Franchise Head
Helge Buess, Disease Area Manager
Joanne Lee, Disease Area Manager
Galina Tissot, Disease Area Manager
Therese Triemer, Medical Advisor
Claudia Baierlein, Medical Scientific Liaison
Yuluan Wang, Medical Advisor
Gabriele Adam, Medical Advisor
Rainer Wagner, Disease Area Specialist
Stefan Hunziker, Disease Area Specialist
Corinne Pfeffer, Disease Area Specialist
Fabrice Ronzier, Disease Area Specialist


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