2020 Pharma Choice App Gold Winner Snow Companies, Agate, Artcraft, and Pharming

Snow Companies, Agate, Artcraft, and Pharming

Ruconest Patient App

Pharming’s goal with the Ruconest (C1 Esterase Inhibitor [Recombinant]) Patient App is to deliver a tool that’s useful for all members of the HAE community, whether they are treated with Ruconest or other products. The app tracks HAE swells, allows sharing reports with healthcare teams, secure storage of medical documents, refill reminders, inspirational quotes, and information on upcoming HAE events.

Left to right: Don Abramo, Heather Chase, Heather Greenspan, and Caitlin Marsh.

Artcraft Team:

Greg Santore, EVP
Peter Worrell, National Sales Director
Lynn Ragno, Director, Client Services
Lisa Calderwood, Vice President, Copy Director
Allison Scerbo, Senior Medical Writer
Brett Kaplan, Senior Editor
Stephanie Murrin, Chief Creative Officer
Daria Kissenberth, Creative Director
Bill Whitehead, Director of Technology
Mike Rubinsky, Lead Software Developer
Joel Rubinsky, Software Developer
Martha Miller, UX Designer

Snow Team:

Melissa Schap, Associate Vice President, Client Services
Alison Bilbo, Account Director
Emily Kondrk, Account Manager
Amanda Lee, Account Manager
Alicia Guldin, Data Analyst
Hannah Gatens, Writer
Carolyn Asselin, Senior Graphic Designer
Heather Bridges, Senior Writer
William Zubieta, Graphic Designer
Steven Quinones, Jr. Front End Developer
Nina Midani, Senior Salesforce Administrator
Samantha Barnitt, Producer
Katherine Loyd, Senior Producer
Timothy Krems, Senior Producer
Rachel Sutherland, Editor

Agate Team:

Charlie Hildebrandt, Business Analyst
Seth Childs, Solution Architect
Sushma Kalle, Software Developer

Pharming Team:

Heather Greenspan, Vice President Marketing
Don Abramo, MBA, Sr. Director of Marketing
Caitlin Marsh, Associate Director Ruconest Marketing
Heather Chase, MBA, Associate Director Marketing


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