2019 Pharma Choice Social Media Silver Winner MicroMass Communications, Inc.

MicroMass Communications, Inc.


The to-do list can wait. Self-care comes first.

#FtheList is a campaign designed to raise awareness of the importance of self-care. In order to get the message across, we incorporated humor, bold imagery, and videos to produce stopping power across various social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Agency Team:

Chad Benditz, Manager of Marketing and Promotional Content
Bassem Boulas, Front-End Developer
Eric Connor, Associate Creative Director
Maria Denisco, Senior Art Director
Mike Franke, Associate Creative Director
Lindsay Huey, Art Director
Brianna King, Behavioral Copywriter
Johnny Knight, Senior Behavioral Copywriter
Leiana Lane, Senior Art Director
Kim Lilienthal, Behavioral Copywriter
Phil Mann, VP, Director of Client Services
Chenoah Mickalites, Associate Creative Director
Kathy Moriarty, Senior Behaviorist
Megan Myers, Supervisor of Editorial Services
Bonnie Overton, Group Associate Creative Director
John Pettaris, Manager, Production Services
Rob Peters, EVP, Strategy
Kellie Powell, Senior Behavioral Copywriter
Laureen Redlund, Senior Art Director
Laura Slipsky, Senior Art Director
Kai Taylor, Cybersecurity Specialist II
Phil Winn, Senior Art Director


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