2019 Pharma Choice Social Media Gold Winner Intouch Solutions and GSK/TESARO

Intouch Solutions


It’s Time to #OvaryAct

This socially driven campaign empowered people everywhere to share impactful GIFs to raise awareness during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. The aim was to spread facts and debunk common myths associated with ovarian cancer detection and diagnosis. When we #OvaryAct, we start conversations. We break barriers. We spark hope. We save lives.

From left to right: Cyndi Placencia, Tracy McGowan, Kim Middleton, Kristoffer Koerner, Jacob Stetson, Alex Kareotes, and Elizabeth MacMillan.

Agency Team:

Jennifer Bader, SVP, Social Media
Alex Castro, Sr. Manager, Social Media
Jacob Stetson, Sr. Manager, Social Media
Kristoffer Koerner, VP, Creative
Tracy McGowen, Associate Creative Director
Sutrice Brimmage, Associate Creative Director, Copy
Elizabeth MacMillan, Associate Director, PMO
Alex Kareotes, Account Director
Cyndi Placencia, Sr. Account Manager
Kim Middleton, SVP, Client Services
Justin Chase, EVP/Head, Innovation & Media


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