2019 Pharma Choice Multichannel Bronze Winner Patients & Purpose and Testicular Cancer Foundation

Patients & Purpose

Testicular Cancer Foundation

Get in Touch with Your Testes

Launched during Testicular Cancer Awareness month, the “Get In Touch With Your Testes” campaign featured two animated testicles, Nad & Tad. In a series of online videos and cheeky social posts, Nad & Tad educated guys on the symptoms of testicular cancer, and showed them, step-by-step, how to check for it.

Agency Team:

Dina Peck, Managing Partner, Executive Creative Director
Tom Galati, Associate Partner, Creative Director
Stuart Tom, Vice President, Group Copy Supervisor
Danielle Groves, Vice President, Copy Supervisor
Jacque Lombardo, Art Supervisor
Susan Lekanides, Senior Video Producer
Liz Puleo, Vice President, Group Project Supervisor
Kat Vera, Senior Project Manager
Lisa Roselin, Vice President, Account Director


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