2019 Pharma Choice DTC/DTP Silver Winner RevHealth and PharmaDerm



VEREGEN “You Are Not Alone” Patient Poster

Our approach to this sensitive, deeply personal topic of genital warts was one of empathy. We decided it was critical to establish that we understood what patients were going through, and the stigma attached to genital warts. This led to the straightforward idea, “YOU ARE NOT ALONE.” It was written and designed to quickly and compassionately get patients’ attention so they would understand that our brand VEREGEN, and our client PharmaDerm, was there to help.

Agency Team:

Denise O’Brien, SVP, Creative Director
Peter Villucci, SVP, Creative Director
Dan Kaplowitz, VP, Client Services
Sahee Kim, Account Supervisor
Maria Rose, VP, Associate Creative Director, Content Strategy


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