2019 Pharma Choice DTC/DTP Bronze Winner Pacific Communications and Allergan

Pacific Communications


A sign it’s time for BOTOX®

This campaign raises awareness of BOTOX® treatment for overactive bladder (OAB) in patients with a neurologic condition (e.g., MS, spinal cord injury). With a slight copy tweak, the campaign works for both physicians and patients by capturing how embarrassing and debilitating this condition can be.

Agency Team:

Peter Siegel, Executive Creative Director
Shannon Hollman, Group Creative Director (Copy)
Kent Sewell, Associate Creative Director (Copy)
Peter Allen, Associate Creative Director (Copy)
BJ Bateman, Associate Creative Director (Art)
Lori Yost, Art Supervisor
Kun Yang Kim, Executive Director, Account Services
Scott Gandy, VP, Management Supervisor
Erika Locke, Account Group Supervisor
Emily Vidal, Senior Account Executive
Ashley Hyter, Associate Account Executive
Bruce Holmes, Associate Account Executive


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