2019 Pharma Choice Consumer Website Gold Winner Intouch Solutions and Regeneron

Intouch Solutions


“A Beautiful Pair”

A Beautiful Pair stars two lovable eyes as they march through life and see everything side by side. A world full of characters and settings was created, which was then pulled through a robust yet user-friendly website. The eyes guided real patients on their journey through retinal disease and treatment.

From left to right: Derek Berdine, Sahar Ejaz, Kayla Eiffert, Paul Kiehl, Brent Scholz, Jimmy Lam, and Can Kanli.

Agency Team:

Brent Scholz, SVP, Executive Creative Director
Jimmy Lam, Associate Creative Director
Paul Kiehl, Art Director
Matt Linenbroker, Copywriter
Can Kanli, Senior Team Lead, Dev Services
Derek Berdine, Developer
Sahar Ejaz, Associate Director, Strategic Planning
Katelyn Inman, Account Manager
Kayla Eiffert, Account Manager

Animation/Production Partners: Dadomani/19 Below


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